Guiding Your Child Through the Sexual Minefield
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Theology of the Body
A Presentation for Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, and all who work with children, based on John Paul II writing on how to counteract the false messages about love and sex in our culture.
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From Toddlers to Teens
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  • Enjoyed the group discussion and the presentation/video
  • Discussion and DVD were very useful
  • Great movie
  • DVD excellent – referring to ‘sex’ as ‘marital union’ definitely portrays God’s plan for us
  • Video helpful, better understanding of need to immerse early and grow in the teaching
  • Confirmation for parents, how to approach and teach the children
  • Loved the video, good group discussion, thanks for the handouts, nice not to have to take notes
  • Video and handouts
  • Total program
  • Discussion afterwards, though not enough time.
  • Great handouts, content, materials available for purchase and refreshments
  • Excellent video!!! Excellent handouts and resources
  • All aspects were worthwhile

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