Theology of the Body 
in the Classroom
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Theology of the Body

Our ministry was delighted to be invited to participate in Respect For Life Week by The Toronto Roman Catholic Separate School Board. On Monday May 11, three of our facilitators presented an introduction to The Theology of The Body for Teens - one to a grade 9 class, and another to grade 10. Both sessions were well received with many excellent questions and probing insights from the students. 

The main areas of student concern appeared to be the potential of them having lasting marriages, why they should bother getting married instead of just living together, and proving the existence of God.

These sessions highlighted to us the desperate need for a course such as the Theology of The Body to be made part of the Religious Education Curriculum at all levels in the catholic school boards in Ontario.

We can adjust this program to the length of school time table.

If you teach high school and are interested in holding a session in your class please contact us at: This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved

Purpose of the Presentation*:

  • To explain God’s love for us and his desire to have an intimate, personal relationship with us.

  • To define “Theology of the Body” and show how our bodies teach us profound truths about ourselves and our purpose in life.

  • To explain that our bodies are very good and have been designed by God for communion with him and with each other.

  • To explore opportunities for a deeper relationship with God and others.

Key Concepts to Convey*:

  • By reflecting on the human body, on its origin and its purpose, we can learn God’s purpose for our lives and ultimately find true love and happiness.

  • Love cannot be in isolation, but only in a “communion of persons”.

  • God created us freely out of love, male and female. He made us for loving communion with each other and destined us to share in His own eternal bliss.

  • Just as a sacrament makes a spiritual reality visible, the body makes our call to love visible. This is what John Paul II calls the “sacramentality of the body”
* from the website at Ascension Press