What others say about the Workshops
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Theology of the Body
The following are some comments from recent evaluations participants have completed:

What people said about the Guiding Your Child Through the Sexual Minefield Workshop (for Parents, & others): 
  • - One parent said, "[It was] really good and very important because we need a lot of education in this field."
  • Another said, "All people who are in any ministry at church would benefit from this workshop."
What people said about the God, Sex and Meaning of Life Workshop (for Adults):
  •  One person said that "once she understood the Theology of the Body all other teachings of the Church fell into place."   

What the teens had to say about the Theology of the Body for Teens (and Young Adults):
  •  One teen said that "It changed my life."   
  • Another said, "“I am grateful for this program because I now have a better grasp on my sexual life and has changed my views on sex. I now understand the importance of treating your partner right and how to live in a pure way.”