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God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body for Confirmation

Our workshop on Confirmation combines the teachings of Pope John Paul II on the “language of the body” in his Theology of The Body, with the Catholic Church’s teachings on confirmation. The goal of the workshop for those approaching confirmation is to reinforce the teaching on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit and the good that comes from them, and how we act them out in the language of our bodies to live a life of chastity. 

We hope the youth will take this workshop to heart, as the benefits are enormous. Modesty, dignity, reduced chance of pregnancy, less chance of abortion – in other words, all of the good things a parent would want for their child.   

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Theology of the Body Workshops

This workshop for married couples, singles and celibates, male and female, young and old, is based on Christopher West’s DVD talks in which he unpacks John Paul II’s teachings translating them into language everyone can understand. It explores the connection between sex and the questions of human existence, including

The workshop, which is led by trained facilitators, usually runs one evening each week for 2 hours over a four week period. It can be adapted to one full day session or two half day sessions on weekends.  

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Theology of the Body for Teens

This workshop for teens and young adults is a positive portrayal of our sexuality as a good and essential part of love and life. During 12 weekly sessions which include activities appropriate to the age group, participants discover the beauty and purpose of their sexuality, and why it is such a major part of their ability to love. It answers questions like

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Theology of the Body for Grade 7 & 8

This program answers the questions young teens may have about sexual morality, relationships, and how they were uniquely created for greatness. It uses a dynamic mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and relevant references to the culture, all packed into eight life-changing lessons.

It will answer questions such as:

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Guiding Your Child Through the Sexual Minefield – From Toddlers to Teens

This is a presentation for parents, grandparents, teachers and all those who work with children, and is based on John Paul II’s writing on how to counteract the false messages about love and sex in our culture. It provides advice and tools for raising the very young in a loving, chaste and pure manner.

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Theology of the Body in the Classroom

Our ministry was delighted to be invited to participate in Respect For Life Week by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.  We provide a brief introduction to the Theology of the Body for Teens—suitable for one classroom period. The session can be expanded to cover more of the topic.  

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Presentation Skills and Basic Theology of the Body
This workshop is aimed at showing those interested in running workshops how to do so. It covers

Parish Retreat / Workshop

An all day retreat suited for all ministries and staff in a parish to enable those in the ministries to integrate the Theology of the Body with their ministries and daily activities.                  

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