Theology of the Body for Teens
Ten Week Study Group
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body for Teens

The Plan

Theology of the Body for Teens is divided into 10 chapters and is full of ideas and resources. We have adapted the Guide to the Leader's Guide (A tool to help navigate the Leader's Guide) from the resources at . 

Our Guides (aka Our Agendas) can be found Here

These guides lay out our weekly teaching plans for using the ToB for Teens books, provide resources and ideas, and are a valuable tool enabling any teacher to introduce this wonderful teaching into the classroom.

We are able to meet with you or discuss with you any part of this plan, including ideas, resources and materials. The following is a sample weekly guide of (75 minutes):

Chapter One is online at along with other many other resources.

While we are able to facilitate this program at some schools, we naturally can not attend to all the requests we have so we thought that we would lay out our plan to use this program in a classroom setting which we did recently at Father Leo Austin High School in Whtiby in an effort to demonstrate how easy it is, especially for professionals to teach this in their classroom.
Necessary Tools: 

Information about Purchasing ToB Resources